Lionhead Studios has just unveiled its E3 trailer for Fable Legends, and we're glad to see you have the choice to be the hero or the maleficent bad guy.

This multiplayer trailer for Fable Legends features some in-depth, party-based gameplay with a major twist. In particular, standard the tank, mage and archer party combination has worked in many previous role-playing games, even in RPGs that let you have your friends make up your party online. But Fable Legends gives you the unique perspective of being able to be the main villain. While it's all fine and dandy to play the Hero of Strength, Hero of Will or Hero of Skill, playing as the villain looks to be even more fun. The villain will be able to create spawn points for enemies, alter the environment and set traps for would-be adventurers.

A formal release date has not been set, but the beta for Fable Legends will be starting this fall exclusively on Xbox One.