A new trailer for Fable Legends debuted during the Xbox Gamescom 2014 press conference, focusing on what will happen when the bad guys win.

The Villain mode turns the third-person action of the heroes into a real-time strategy-esque setup where the player controlling the villain can mastermind the entire battle from above. Spawning enemies, setting traps, and more can all be done from Villain mode in the hopes of defeating the teams of four heroes and conquering Albion.

Four different hero types also got some time in the spotlight before being mercilessly defeated, including an archer with electrified arrows and what looked to be a female alchemist with a variety of bottles thrown for different effects. We've seen a few different hero types between E3 and now, but this bottle-throwing alchemist-type hero is our favorite so far.

The trailer ends with a bit of a chuckle, showcasing four chickens as the next set of heroes to try and conquer the villain. If that's more than just a joke and actually a subtle tease at a chicken hero, we'll stand in line right now for Fable Legends. Chicken heroes make the best heroes.

Fable Legends launches in 2015 for Xbox One, with a multiplayer beta coming to Xbox One on Oct. 16.