It seems like videogames are encroaching more and more upon reality. A student at NYU has developed a gel that works eerily similar to the way Mass Effect 3's Medi-Gel functions. In fact, it is called Veti-Gel.

Joe Landolina has created a synthetic extracellular matrix that, when applied, stops bleeding, covers the wound, and immediately tells the body to start healing. Veti-Gel essentially provides a cellular scaffolding for your body to build upon.

Similar products have been culled from animal products, but Veti-Gel is made from genetically-modified plant material. It works so well, in fact, that major arteries and internal organs can be patched up almost instantaneously. We have to wait for proper testing to be conclusive, but if these claims are true, we could be able to patch ourselves up almost as well as Commander Shepard.

Preliminary tests have already been done on disembodied animal parts that have been pumped full of blood and the results are staggering.

After clinical trials and FDA approval, Landolina plans to market a form of the gel to the military under the name "Medi-Gel." Do you think this is a coincidence or do we have brilliant kid who's a secret Mass Effect fan?

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