The metallurgy masters of Man At Arms have taken on yet another fan favorite in their recreation of Link's Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda.

In the episode above, you can check out the Man at Arms crew take on not only Link's Hylian Shield, but also his original sword from The Legend of Zelda. If you know anything about the team over at Man at Arms, you know that all their creations are absolutely amazing, and they're also fully functional. This week's creations are no different. The team meticulously crafted the shield and the sword to make sure that not only are they an exact likeness of the in-game version, but also to make sure that, if taken into combat, they would perform well.

You can watch as the team takes on every step of the process of making the shield from cutting out the original piece of metal to sanding, sanding and more sanding. They cut out and bevel the border of the shield to make sure that no tiny detail is wasted. Speaking of tiny details, the team even added in the Triforce in amber to make sure that not only will it be an exact match to the in-game version, but also to make sure that it shows up on camera nicely.

The original sword was requested back when Man at Arms Reforged took on Link's other sword — the two-handed Fierce Deity sword. Fans were looking for the sword that they knew and loved from the earlier games in the series and Man at Arms brought it to life as well. It's not quite the Master Sword, but close enough.

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