Joseph Zawada deserves a piece of the Triforce for his massive, Lego depiction of Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Whether you're young or old, chances are that you've probably tried your hand at Lego construction. While millions of fans worldwide have started their own custom builds and elaborate projects, nothing is more impressive than 19-year old Joseph Zawada's massive and detailed depiction of Hyrule Castle. Spending over two and a half years assembling this custom build, Zawada must have dropped thousands of dollars in Lego parts alone. He said that the entire castle splits into around 40 massive pieces that he brought to this Brickfair convention in two separate cars.

Based on this interview with Beyond the Brick (provided below), Zawada mentions that the castle and spires' rooftops were the hardest parts of the set to build. Since Legos are generally square or rectangular, it's hard to pull off round, detailed pieces. As you can tell, Zawada was quite successful. Shame on the cameraman for not focusing in on the Zelda and Link mini-figures in the center of the diorama though. Nevertheless, there are all kinds of guards throughout the building. You can even see Ganondorf handcuffed and escorted by soldiers. There's also the King in the courtyard. Make sure you keep an eye out for the castle's moat, which is exquisitely detailed with wildlife and a few Zora enemies. This build reminds me just how much I wish Nintendo would license out Zelda, Mario and the rest of its franchises over to Lego.

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