Princess Zelda and Link take on Ganondorf as the Triforce is relocated to the Old West in Hang Em Hyrule.

The gang at beatdownboogie released an awesome fan film based on The Legend of Zelda series that gives everything a Spaghetti Western makeover. This movie reminds me of my love for Sergio Leone films and Ennio Morricone soundtracks, and the film has plenty of nods to the both of them. The stringy music playing is perfect for these Eastwood-inspired performances, and I think Caitlin Dickins' performance as Zelda and Brian Lee as Link paid The Man With No Name proper tribute. The resulting shootout between Zelda and Link against Ganondorf was awesome, especially with that final shot coming from Link's Master Sword-themed gun. My only complaint is that they could've cleaned up Ganon dropping his gun and falling in the end. Nevertheless, it's all quite badass given the Western motif of the video.

The movie starts off with Zelda walking into an abandoned town. She plays an Ocarina in order to lure out Ganondorf. Link gets tossed into the mix and all three characters are wearing some awesome ensembles by Volante Design. I have to admit, each of the revolvers and their appropriate holsters looked awesome. Make sure you check out beatdownboogie's other videos, such as Kung Fu Avengers, Curse of the Sailor Moon, Mario Warfare, Caveman Assassin's Creed and Solid Snake Teaches Self Defense.

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