In an example of striking while the iron is cold, stored away, and largely forgotten, FairPlay Media is creating a mobile game based on iconic 1980s TV show, MacGyver. Presumably, they are making it out of two Band-Aids, a shoelace, a packet of sugar, and a pen cap.

FairPlay is creating MacGyver: Deadly Descent with input from series creator, Lee David Zlotoff, who has also written for Hill Street Blues, Remington Steele and NCIS. Polygon reports that the puzzle game follows Angus MacGyver (yep, Angus), as he rescues scientists from Dawn Laboratories, presumably utilizing his trademark talent for jury-rigging solutions with found items.

MacGyver: Deadly Descent comes out May 21 for iOS and Android devices. A portion of the game’s proceeds will go to the MacGyver Foundation, a group that promotes non-violence and sustainability.

As fans of the '80s, we're thrilled to see a MacGyver game on the horizon. This project might kick off a new era of games based on retro action shows. Maybe we can look forward to a co-op first-person shooter based on Hart to Hart and a Murder She Wrote multiplayer online battle arena.