While Next Level Games' Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon helped turn things around for the Nintendo 3DS, their pitched Metroid game was shelved in favor of Luigi's ghost-busting sequel.

Destructoid reports that a former artist for Next Level Games has posted the above Samus Aran concept art in his portfolio. His description of the picture claims that it was part of a pitch Next Level Games sent to Nintendo, hoping that they could make the next Metroid game for them.

Destructoid confirmed with a trustworthy source close to Next Level Games who said, "yes that is real. That’s the first I’d actually seen of that concept art, but a prototype was made before being shelved in favor of Luigi’s Mansion 2. It was about as bare-bones as it gets, but it was still pretty fun."

We must admit that Metroid: Other M was rather underwhelming when compared to the rest of the series. We feel that the last two great Metroid games were Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (we're not going to count Zero Mission since it's a remake of the original). While Nintendo chose Luigi over Samus, we still hope that one day we can get a Metroid title that lives up to its predecessors.

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