'Mean Girls' actress Lindsay Lohan is suing the creators of Grand Theft Auto V over what she claims to be the game's use of her likeness without her permission.

The New York Daily News reports that the controversial Lindsay Lohan is suing Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. for a character in Grand Theft Auto 5 who is allegedly based on her image without her consent. The character in question is Lacey Jonas (pictured above), who appears in a GTA side mission. The lawsuit claims that the probational Playboy poser's image, voice and clothing line are depicted in the game along with West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont hotel, where Lohan once lived and was banned from for not paying her bills.

This past December, Lohan was upset and called her lawyers getting ready to sue the GTA studio over the bikini-clad woman on the game's cover and promotional art, claiming it resembled her as well. The woman looked much more like Kate Upton than it ever did Lohan, but she is actually based on model Shelby Welinder. Now, it seems that Lohan has abandoned the ridiculous claim since she has no case and is now focusing on the Lacey Jonas character, which is just frivolous as her first claim.

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Rockstar Games

Lacey Jonas' lone appearance in the game has you picking her up at a movie studio and dropping her off in a mansion in the hills, nowhere near Los Santos' Gentry Manor Hotel, which was loosely based on the Chateau Marmont. Take-Two refused to comment with regard to discussing this lawsuit.

For the sake of reference, we have included a video depicting the entire three-minute-long mission in which you encounter Lacey Jonas in Grand Theft Auto V and save her from the paparazzi.

The following video contains language that is NSFW.

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