In what can only be described as one of the more delusional moves Lindsay Lohan's made over the past five years, it now appears she intends to sue Rockstar Games over similarities between her and her purported likeness in Grand Theft Auto 5.

According to TMZ, Ms. Lohan is compiling evidence for her team of lawyers to use when filing the lawsuit against Rockstar Games. She's reportedly upset the woman in a bikini on the cover bares some passing resemblance to her (maybe if you squint), and also might be claiming the paparazzi missions feature bits of story based on her life.

As anyone who's actually played the game can tell you, those things just aren't true. Firstly, Shelby Welinder was the model used for the bikini girl (it's been well documented). Secondly, any similarities between Lindsay's life and the side-missions where you play a paparazzi are stretching things at best. None of the situations presented in the game mimic her tabloid-fuel lifestyle, and if they did, places like TMZ sure missed out on a lot of crazy stories.

Whether this suit will actually make it anywhere remains to be seen, but the connection between Lindsay and GTA 5 is tenuous at best. Hopefully this is the last we'll have to hear about such a silly and frivolous suit.

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