The BBC released a trailer for its direct-to-TV film, The Gamechangers, a dramatized retelling of Rockstar's claim to fame with the Grand Theft Auto series.

The British Broadcasting Corporation's trailer for The Gamechangers takes us back to the 2002 controversy surrounding Rockstar Games and the release of Grand Theft Auto 3. Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, stars as Sam Houser, Rockstar Games' co-founder and president. GTA 3 would go on to become one of the most successful video games of all time, having redefined the 3D open world, action title experience. Opposing Houser in this movie will be Florida attorney and activist Jack Thompson, played by Bill Paxton. For many years, Thompson focused his legal efforts against the things he considered obscene in pop culture. He openly criticized and campaigned against video game producers and distributors for violent titles and the supposed copycat influence that would pass onto the younger fans playing them. As you would expect, Rockstar was one of his primary targets for many years.

In The Gamechangers, we get to see the pinnacle of Thompson's campaign against video game violence. Despite Thompson's efforts, Grand Theft Auto 3 became the highest-selling video game of 2001 and the second highest-selling game of 2002 (only behind its sequel, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), selling more than 17 million copies since its launch. Rockstar Games reached a high level of success, fame and notoriety after the launch of GTA 3, and Thompson fought for many years to have their games removed from store shelves. Now, we'll get to see that fight happen on TV.

Unfortunately, Rockstar didn't give the green light to this film, and have previously threatened to sue the BBC for trademark infringement. Nevertheless, The Gamechangers is set to premier Sept. 15 on the BBC Two.

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