For years, fans have been toiling away in Grand Theft Auto IV, creating homemade add-ons for the likes of Frozen, Batman, Superman, Captain America and more. However, the limitations of the previous entry became more and more obvious every year after its release. It took longer than expected for Rockstar Games to bring Grand Theft Auto V to the PC, but once the game arrived, it took little time for modders to let loose in the latest open world adventure from the fan-favorite developer. With GTA V came a bigger, more detailed sandbox to play in. The faux California setting also made it perfect for the return of Tony Stark and his alter ego, Iron Man.

Thanks to JulioNIB (via Polygon), Iron Man and his MK III armor can now be used to wreak havoc on the streets of Los Santos. As you can see in the video, Iron Man isn't exactly welcome in the neighborhood The Families (Franklin's former gang) calls home. NPCs react to him with the proper indignation and lack of respect. You'd think people would learn by now not to diss a man in an armored suit, but sometimes you need to earn respect on the streets. With little provocation, Iron Man lets loose on some passing cars, showing off the brute strength added to the suit to make it more than just a cosmetic upgrade.

Though Iron Man's had a few different video game adventures, none of them have been very good. It takes some clever craftsmanship from the likes of JulioNIB to incorporate Iron Man into a game where his talents might be utilized in a more enjoyable fashion. In addition to being able to punch the crap out of some Detroit steel, the Iron Man mod also offers the use of the signature repulsor blasters, both in his hands and chest, and some more explosive accoutrements in the missile launchers and machine guns. There are no animations for things to pop out of the armor, but Iron Man does cut a pose when firing off one of the repulsors at any number of cop cars coming to see the Avenger with their own eyes.

Of course, it wouldn't be an Iron Man mod without the ability to fly. There's not much flying going on in the video, though you do get to see the hover ability in action. What little airtime Tony gets in the footage does look nice, and helps him give the cops the slip. You can hear the chatter when the law enforcement agents have some issues keeping Iron Man in their sights while he takes to the skies. You don't have to take the video's word for it though; you can download the mod for PC right here and see for yourself what it's like to be Tony Stark for a day.

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