Rockstar Games is making Los Santos even crazier by adding a variety of Freemode Events to the multiplayer chaos of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Next week, Freemode Events will begin for Grand Theft Auto Online, which will add all kinds of multiplayer-oriented challenges and games to play in its already fun-to-play Freemode. Rockstar boasts that there will be no lobbies, menus or load times to worry about when it comes to GTA Online's Freemode Events — you'll just sporadically encounter the chances to play these new events and missions with friends, crewmates, rivals and randoms while you're aimlessly playing in Los Santos.

It doesn't matter if you're cruising the city, robbing a liquor store, shooting at other players, browsing the Internet through your phone, lounging in your hideout or buying clothes, random events will popup out of nowhere and give you a chance to join. Players will be able to customize their games to filter which kinds of Freemode Events they'd like to be invited to should the chance arrive. Of course, you'll be getting in-game cash and RP while participating in these events. King of the Castle mode is a turf war where you're basically trying to recreate the final scene from Scarface, but with all kinds of vehicles and weapons involved. Hunt the Beast has one player changed into a monster who is faster and stronger that must outrun its pursuers. There is also a variety of new stunt challenges coming via Freemode Events, such as longest wheelie challenges, farthest vehicle jumps, etc.

Grand Theft Auto Online's Freemode Events will begin on Sept. 15, which is also the same day BBC Two will air its Rockstar Games biopic, The Gamechangers.

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