In this edition of Cosplay of the Week, we have Lee Sin from League of Legends. We personally love League of Legends because the fan base is so creative and enthusiastic that there are thousands of great cosplays that crop up as a result. Here's one of them.

Lee Sin is a champion in League of Legends who has quite an interesting back story. Lee was training to become a summoner and was actually a prodigy. But one day, he took a shot at summoning a beast from the Plague Jungles. His attempt backfired and he ended up summoning the parts of a young boy. It was reported that the boy's village had been destroyed as a result of his attempt. In order to atone for his mistake, Lee went to the Shojin Monastery. He tried to repent by setting himself on fire and managed to remain alive throughout the ordeal. He lost his eyes because of this, but he joined up with the League in order to continue atoning for his sins.

Here is Singaporean cosplayer Kenneth Ting as Lee Sin. It took him a week to complete the outfit. He said most of the time went into waiting for the paint on the rings to dry on the rings and the buckle. These were made out of styrofoam and a mounting board. But, according to Ting, the worst part of the costume to work on was the actual body paint. He said, "What I feel was the most painful part to do was having to draw the body art each time I decided I wanna show up as Lee Sin. It takes me two hours on average to draw the body art with someone helping me with the art on his back." It certainly seems like it would be quite a task.

He decided to cosplay Lee Sin because he wanted to pay tribute to League of Legends, which happens to be one of his favorite games. It also turns out that he's quite skilled at the game, since he was a gold-ranked player during Season 2 and 3.

The pictures were taken and edited by Leonard Chua, Yoseph Ade from PixStory and Vaxzone. You can check out all of Ting's excellent cosplay on Facebook. There you'll find costumes like Hard Gay, Spider-Man and Iori Yagami from King of Fighters.

Leonard Chua/Pixstory