League of Legends is a pretty old game at this point but that doesn't mean it can’t keep growing. Riot Games, the developer of LoL, has recently announced that they logged five million players concurrently playing League of Legends all at once. This completely shattered their previous record of three million concurrent players set back in October of 2012.

Those aren’t the only impressive numbers Riot Games has to announce. They are reporting that League of Legends now has 32 million monthly active players, and more than 12 million active players daily. If everything was spread out evenly, that would mean that most of LoL’s players play the game every 2-3 days, but considering that they just logged five million concurrent players, it’s likely that a sizeable portion of that crowd actually plays every day.

League of Legends is totally blowing past all of its competition in the multiplayer online battle arena market. According to GameSpot, Defense of the Ancients 2, League’s biggest competitor, has only logged a maximum of 300,000 concurrent players, and this is still enough to make it the most played Steam game of all time. League of Legends certainly has the MOBA market locked down tight.

Now if only Riot could do something about the chronic harassment that goes on in the early to intermediate levels of the game. Maybe some people are just gluttons for punishment.