Everyone loves those cute and cuddly pandas. Now you can have your own, thanks to Big Pixel Studios' fun puzzle game, Land-a Panda. And how much will this panda set you back? Nothing! It's free!

Land-a Panda is a big hit in the App Store, and Big Pixel is celebrating their success by offering Land-a Panda free for a limited time!

Help Yang Guang meet up with his female panda partner, Tian Tian, so they can try and stop the rapidly declining panda population. With wonderful high-definition graphics (yes, they've been updated for the iPhone 5), lots of clever levels and simple gameplay mechanics, you'll be hanging out with these pandas for hours.

Land-a panda has gotten rave reviews, so make sure you download your copy today before they mark the price back up. Grab Land-a Panda now for your iPhone & iPad!