Sure, coffee is great and all, but what are the kids going to enjoy while the parents are off making a white chocolate mocha? How about loading up the young ones with some sugary goodness of their own? For free!

Sunstorm Interactive hasn't forgotten about the kiddies when they released their series of 'Maker' apps. Candy Maker lets you make your own bubble gum, candy bar, gummie bear and more. For the sweet cost of nothing.

Use the taffy puller machine to make some sticky sweet taffy. Create your own lollipop and decorate it with stickers and your own unique wrapping. Pour gummie liquid into molds to create your own gummie shapes. Create your own candy bar and fill it with chocolate, peanuts, toffee and more. Whatever your suger-filled mind desires, you can create it with this pocket-sized candy factory.

Download Candy Maker right now for your iPhone! Can we have a bite? Pleeeeeeeease?