One of the most beloved action role-playing games of all time (and arguably the greatest Star Wars game ever made), has finally launched for the Android format. To celebrate, it's getting a 50 percent discount right off the bat, err... lightsaber.

According to Joystiq, BioWare's stellar Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has finally launched for Android devices. Most RPG and Star Wars fans revere Knights of the Old Republic as one of the greatest games of all time, and now is your chance to see why. If you're an MMORPG fan who is addicted to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and wonder what the big deal is about Darth Revan and all those planets you have to visit, we highly suggest KOTOR.

Here is the link for Knights of the Old Republic on Google Play if you think you're down to drive the Ebon Hawk through the galaxy and prevent universal calamity by stopping the Star Forge. It's currently at half price to celebrate its launch on Android. Just remember, it's OK to let Carth die.