Sony and Guerilla Games have announced Killzone: Mercenary will finally hit the PlayStation Vita on Sept. 17th.

To coincide with the game's release date announcement, a new trailer was released showing off just how well Killzone translates to Sony's newest handheld. There's a lot of great action and gameplay being shown off, and the fact that Killzone: Mercenary is running on the Killzone 3 engine really shows. Sony's exclusive shooter franchise has always managed to look good, even if it's gameplay hasn't held up as well compared to its contemporaries.

In addition to the release date and trailer, pre-order incentives were also disclosed. Reserving the game will get you Blackjack's Briefcase, which includes double experience and bonus cash for multiplayer. Check out the trailer below, and let us know if you're excited for a new Killzone game in the comments.

Killzone Mercenaries Vita

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