The studio known for the Killzone series has started a new hunt with Horizon Zero Dawn.

Guerrilla Games is known for their futuristic shooters, but not a futuristic, post-apocaylptic hunting game. Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in a world where Mother Nature has retaken the land after an advanced civilization fell to pieces. You play as Aloy, a tribal outcast who has learned to survive in the wilderness by hunting the machines that have risen to the top of the food chain. Aloy will be fighting off against a variety of machines, most of which are based off of animals long extinct. You'll need to learn their behaviors and patterns while hunting them as you would real animals. Aloy uses a variety of weapons that intertwines both machine parts and natural materials. We have to admit that this is a much needed breath of fresh air that Guerrilla Games needed. We're glad to see them take some time away from the Killzone series and do something new.

Horizon Zero Dawn will hit the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2016.

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