Our favorite, futuristic FPS on PS4 has just gotten a new pack of downloadable content filled with some new toys.

On the PlayStation Blog, Poria Torkan, a Producer at Guerrila Games, has recently posted about Killzone Shadow Fall's Insurgent Pack which is officially coming out today. The Insurgent Pack includes the addition of the Insurgent multiplayer class. This class can steal weapons and abilities from downed enemies. Insurgents can also hack enemy machines on the ground and alter their programmed allegiance so they can shoot at the enemies who set them there in the first place.

The Assault class will be getting the LS12 SMG Pistol and a deployable beacon that can set off an electromagnetic pulse. The Scout class will get the StA-14 Helghast rifle and a guard drone that you can deploy wherever you see fit. Lastly, the Support class will be getting the M82 ISA assault rifle and will gain the tactical echo ability, which will scramble enemy radar signals in the area.

The Insurgent Pack will also give you the Head Kick, Finger-Breaker and C4 Spotlight Moves, along with a new Voice Pack and OWL-inspired multiplayer Skin.

Killzone Shadow Fall's Insurgent Pack DLC is now available on the PlayStation Store for the price of $9.99. Those with the Shadow Fall Season Pass will be able to get the Insurgent Pack for free.