An update on the Killzone website today details changes to Killzone: Shadow Fall's online multiplayer suite. In addition to a revamped Warzone menu, the update will also make efforts to better balance two of the game’s weapons.

A new official Warzone is being introduced, featuring a rotating selection of fan-made Warzones. The number of official Warzones has been reduced to three: 24-player Warzone, 24-player Team Deathmatch and the rotating Warzone, which will start off as 24-player Domination. Previously official Warzones will still be available, but no longer marked as "official."

Phase II of the menu changes promise to streamline the multiplayer experience and make games more easily accessible.

Slight tweaks to two of the game’s weapons have also been made, making the StA101 Kameraad more stable, and giving the VC30 Sickle a wider spray of pellets while reducing its range. These changes come on the heels of last week’s patch, which made it easier to differentiate between friendly and enemy grenades.

Sony credits user feedback on the forums and social media sites for the continuing improvements to Killzone: Shadow Fall’s online elements. With an active, passionate fan-base and a dev team dedicated to optimizing the player experience, Killzone is sure to see more balancing and streamlining updates in the future.