Better start blasting the MC Chris while playing Killzone: Shadow Fall, because these backpacks got jets.

According to GameSpot, Guerilla Games has unleashed its latest free piece of downloadable content in the form of The Canyon multiplayer map. The Canyon features the unstable gravity of planet Helghan, offering both close-quarter areas and vast open areas outside. Due to the distortions in the planet's gravity, you will be able to pull off some insane jumps that seem like they were pulled straight out of Quake 3. To score this free DLC, find The Canyon map on the PlayStation Store next to the other free maps Guerrilla has made available, Hanger and Cruiser.

Some of the most fun we had with Killzone 3 involved jetpacks, so we can't wait until when we'll be able to get our Rocketeer on after seeing these latest teases done by Guerrilla Games. The studio claims that on May 16, it will make a major Killzone-related announcement.

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