If you are a fan of first person physics based puzzlers like Portal and Quantum Conundrum, then you will love today’s Kickstarter of the Week. We bring you SCALE, another first person game about a prisoner using a high tech piece of technology that can break the laws of physics.

SCALE’s protagonist is Penny Prince, an eccentric savant who creates a device that can “suck the size out of one thing and shoot it into another.” The game starts with Penny in prison for accidentally destroying the East Coast. Her belongings (including her cat), have been confiscated, her memories have been muddled, and a computer has been inserted into her brain in order to help her become rehabilitated. However, Penny is not one to give up, and after she reconstructs the device from parts she found in an old cellphone recycling bin, she decides to escape prison on a quest for revenge and cats.

Your only “weapon” in the world of SCALE is the scaling gun. Penny is able to use the gun on anything but herself and she will have to use it creatively to solve puzzles and uncover secrets. For example, if an important item is locked in a treasure chest, she can enlarge the chest until she can fall through the keyhole, shrink the item so it can fit in her pocket, exit the keyhole again, and then reduce the treasure chest to normal size. Similarly, if she finds a canyon that she cannot cross she can literally shrink the world around her until the canyon is nothing more than a crack in the road. Unfortunately, her scaling powers are not unlimited. The scaling gun uses “scale juice” to operate, which is gotten by shrinking objects. Essentially, she cannot make objects bigger without making another object smaller to compensate.

SCALE isn’t as linear as Portal or Quantum Conundrum is. Penny isn’t put into test chambers or traps. Instead, she is left alone to explore an open world filled with secrets and clues. If you come across an enemy, you can shrink it until you can safely step on it, or you can enlarge it so that you can literally hop in its mouth and explore it’s innards for secrets it may have eaten. Butterflies can be enlarged to act as moving platforms while entire buildings can be scaled down and repositioned in order to unlock new pathways.

The Kickstarter is asking for 87,000 dollars for their initial goal and they are almost there. They have currently raised $76,837 with 3,747 backers. That being said, the Kickstarter only has four days left, so if you want to see SCALE become a reality, you should donate now. SCALE is planned for release on PC platforms with a possible secondary release on the PS4 should the project get enough funding. For more information on SCALE including donation tier rewards, stretch goals, and the awesome voice that includes Ashly Burch from “Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’?” head on over to the official SCALE Kickstarter page.