We are contractually obligated to report any sushi-related matters that take place in the world of video games. As such, we're bringing you the news that The Sushi Spinnery, Kairosoft's pixelated sushi simulation previously available just on Android, has dropped into the App Store.

The Sushi Spinnery is a fun, retro simulation game that's all about the hustle and bustle of running a busy sushi restaurant. If you can't make it to Japan to see what these colorful, futuristic fish joints are all about, this is the next best thing.

We like Kairosoft's other simulation games like Beastie Bay and Racehorse Tycoon and Sushi Spinnery looks like it will fit in nicely right next to those charming sim titles. If you're a fan, you will definitely want to check out The Sushi Spinnery. Though if you're a true fan, you've probably played through this one already, since it's been out on Android for almost a year.