Earlier this year, British indie developer Hello Games announced that their PS3 and XBLA hit Joe Danger would hit iOS devices, "sometime in 2012." Well, time is rapidly running out on that promise. So what gives?

According to Sean Murray, one of the team over at Hello Games, the game is still coming along and will be out "real soon." Well, at least it's still being worked on. As to whether or not they will make their 2012 target? It's not looking like that will be the case. Murray went on to say that the biggest reason why the iOS verison of Joe Danger has yet to see the light of the App Store is due to all of the new Apple devices that have been hitting the market.

""We've tried to optimize and enhance the game specifically for each device," said Murray in an interview with Pocket Gamer.

If you're not familiar with the iOS version of Joe Danger, we want to let you know that it will not be just another port. The new Joe Danger will feature 50 new levels and introduce players to different playable characters.

Joe Danger

It will also be designed to incorporate the touchscreen controls of the iPhone and iPad while maintaining the core gameplay mechanics of the original game. You will be able to control your wheelies with swipes, jump over obstacles by tapping the screen, and swat obstacles out of Joe's path with well-timed flicks.