The latest episode of The Inner Circle podcast hit YouTube over the weekend (via Destructoid), and guest Chris Charla, head of the ID@Xbox indie initiative with Microsoft, has expressed his interest in bringing Hello Games' procedural space epic, No Man's Sky, to the Xbox One.

"I would love to see it," Charla remarks at the 12:50 mark of the interview (provided above), but he admits that the decision would belong solely to developer Hello Games before he could get involved. Later he's asked if certain Microsoft policies are turning indie developers away from Xbox One and toward its competition, and he had a simple response: come talk to us.

"If you're worried about policies, we try to be really easy to get in touch with," Charla remarks. "When we talk to developers, we try to be really transparent. Don't assume that something you read on NeoGAF is our policy, just talk to us."

Other topics during the podcast include shipping Xbox One dev kits to indie developers, potential E3 announcements on the indie side, and how Windows 10 may allow for more PC/Xbox One cross-play potential.

We're sure a lot of you read that headline and thought "well duh, why wouldn't he want one of the most anticipated indie titles of the year on his console?" It's interesting to hear him speak on the release parity policies, specifically calling out Internet forums in spreading what may or may not be malicious rumors. We expect Mr. Charla is going to hear a lot about that comment on social media, but we can respect a guy sticking up for his brand in the public arena in spite of backlash.

No Man's Sky is expected to launch sometime in 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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