The showstopper of E3 2014, No Man's Sky, is back with yet another impressive trailer focusing on space exploration.

This new trailer for No Man's Sky starts off on the Planet Sayall. Sayall is a dark world whose indigenous life glows, making the world have a black light appearance. As your character approaches his spaceship, a large robot appears, threatening you with its weaponry. Luckily, your ship is able to start up right away and hit the planet's atmosphere in seconds before you could get hurt.

Your ship then reaches outer space and activates its warp drive. Upon disengaging warp, you reach Planet Gorogohl, and eventually set your ship down by a crashed vehicle. After finding no one at the crash site, you step forward through a nearby portal, which warps you to the Planet Yaasrif, a world teeming with bizarre creatures that would make the designers of 'The Mist' proud. Don't forget, every single animal, landscape, rock, landmark, ocean and solar system is randomized, meaning no planet will ever be the same.

No Man's Sky will launch sometime in 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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