This trailer for Hello Games' indie title was more impressive than most other AAA games at E3 2014 and showcased what the expo is all about: surprise and innovation.

No Man's Sky has come out of nowhere and established itself as one of the most unforgettable showings in E3 history. Created by indie developer Hello Games, No Man's Sky allows you to explore planets and galaxies that are all procedurally generated, offering varied gameplay each time you step into a cockpit.

The gameplay of No Man's Sky was simple, but massive in scope: you play a space explorer. The trailer starts off with you emerging from a cave to find yourself in a gorgeous wilderness. Two floating drones start flying away from you, presumably going to chart the rest of this undiscovered world. The planet you're on is filled with strange colors and gargantuan, dinosaur-like creatures. Luckily, most of these lifeforms are herbivores. You then get into your ship and this is where No Man's Sky blew our minds -- you start soaring through the skies and eventually start flying through space.

It was rather hard to tell what parts of No Man's Sky's cockpit sequences were open-ended in terms of controls and which parts were on-rails. We hope that everything is completely free to control, because being able to soar through the sky of planet, break atmosphere, go into space, fight other ships and land on another planet to explore with complete freedom seems absolutely wonderful.

While no launch window has been set, we hope that No Man's Sky will be soaring onto the PlayStation 4 soon.

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