The weekly PlayStation Blog report on the new additions to the PlayStation Network has emerged, detailing what PlayStation fans can expect to enjoy this coming week. Believe it or not, there's one running theme between all of the games.

First we have Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, the sequel's to February's Trigger Happy Havoc. Monokuma has trapped a new group of students to play his murderous game, this time on a tropical island instead of being cooped up in a school, and we'll once again have to unravel the mystery.

Next is Deathmatch Village, which sounds like a MOBA game infused with some down home country vibes, and Don't Starve: Giant Edition, the PS Vita port of Klei's roguelike survival game packaged with the Reign of Giants expansion. Being able to take the survival game on the go is a opportunity we welcome with open arms. Following Don't Starve to the portable is Joe Danger, making his PS Vita debut as well, and Mahjong Gold for the Mahjong lovers among us.

Finally we have two platforming shooters to satisfy the action fans. One is Mega Man X4, the first PlayStation entry in the Mega Man X franchise and one of the best in the line. The other is Velocity 2X, the sequel to Velocity Ultra and a game right in the vein of Mega Man with challenging platforming and multiple weapons to choose from.

It's a decent week of games leading up to the first monster release of the school year, as there's plenty of bite-sized games to try before our Destiny arrives. Oh, and the common thread between all of these games? They're all playable on Vita, giving the Sony portable a huge boost. See Vita fans? Sony still loves you!


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