The PS3's ability to customize your home screen and system menu is finally heading over to Sony's latest console and handheld.

Scott McCarthy, SCEA's Director of Product Planning & Software Innovacation, has just announced on the PlayStation Blog that the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita will be getting system updates this fall, allowing owners to customize their console/handheld with Themes. For those unfamiliar with this concept, Themes were used to change the home screen and system menus of the PlayStation 3 with different pictures and designs. You were able to add custom backgrounds and menu buttons to individualize your system just the way you wanted it.

System update v2.00 for PlayStation 4 and v.3.30 for the PlayStation Vita will be added within the next month or so, allowing full customization for all three of Sony's major gaming platforms. Lastly, Sony has announced that the "Live from PlayStation" app is coming to the PS Vita, which will let you watch live streams from Twitch and USTREAM.

ps4 themes

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