Hello Games' intergalactic sandbox game, No Man's Sky, is all about exploring the 'verse.

Last year at E3, No Man's Sky came out of nowhere and stole the show. Many of us were eagerly anticipating what to expect from Hello Games a year after their impressive unveiling. Now, we know some new details about this epic game for interstellar explorers. No Man's Sky isn't going to be story-based. Minecraft addicts should be well acquainted with this system where the player's actions are the primary drive of playing. The universe is large, and you'll likely be discovering many planets along the way. You can even name them, and if someone else finds the planet after you discover it, they'll see your name. These planets are actually planet-sized in scale when compared to your character and ship. You can spend days exploring a single planet if you wanted. Gameplay will focus on trading, fighting, exploring, upgrading and survival.

In No Man's Sky main stage E3 demo, we get a great look at how massive the universe of No Man's Sky really is. Sean Murray of Hello Games played the demo, which begins in a space station where he purchased a ship and took off. Outside the station were two warring factions engaged in a major dogfight. There are millions of procedurally generated worlds throughout the galaxy, and the vast majority of them will never be explored due to the galaxy's sheer size. After picking a random, undiscovered solar system, you can scan the entire planet from orbit, mark key locations, fly straight towards them and explore.

While no release date has been set, No Man's Sky will be launching for both PC and PS4. We're guessing it'll debut sometime in 2016.

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