This latest gameplay trailer for No Man's Sky focuses on the game's technology as well as the infinite unknown of the universe.

In this new trailer for No Man's Sky, your character's ship takes off from a hangar in a space station called Ethaedair. After reaching open space, your ship then pans around to see that you're surrounded by other ships and asteroids. Banking to the nearest planet results in a pop up appearing with its name, Achaia, and the username of the person who discovered it. Unlike the other planets we have previously seen, Achaia has an arctic setting and other ships in the sky. Seeing your character reach a landing platform is interesting, because you get to see more of No Man's Sky's society and technology at work. Other ships can be seen coming and going as your ship refuels. Upon topping off the tank, you break atmo rather quickly and reach a star map, which shows that you're in a galaxy called Ethaedair (as well as who discovered it).

The camera zooms out, revealing millions of other clusters like the one you were at (but all different). After zooming into another area of the universe, the map shows an unexplored cluster, Utwarzers XI. It's amazing to watch the warp animations from your cockpit during gameplay. The player then lands on a planet called Vesta Prime. The place is a mountainous desert with strange wildlife the size of large buildings. It's fascinating to watch No Man's Sky in action, and we can't wait to explore this galaxy for ourselves.

No Man's Sky will liftoff sometime in 2015 for PS4 and PC.

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