The folks over at iPhone5mod have created a new accessory that just might prove to be the missing link for iOS gaming. The recently announced EX Hybrid Game Controller, which they are touting as, “the lightest and thinnest keyboard for iPhone,” will feature two separate parts, one of which happens to be a sleek-looking gamepad.

The absence of physical gameplay controls and tactile feedback has long been a thorn-in-the-side issue surrounding many action platformers and ported titles in the iOS gaming universe. Whether it was your hands getting in the way or the controls not being responsive enough, there's no shortage of iOS games that could benefit from a good, old-school controller.

There are a few options out there already, such as the iCade, but most of these alternatives aren't exactly portable. That's where the potential of the EX Hybrid really comes into play -- it doubles as a case. According to iPhone5mod, the each plate adds only 2mm to the overall thickness of your phone and they both attach magnetically. The key features include:

• interchangeable Keyboard / Joypad Controller
• supports both portrait and landscape mode
• ”feather-Like” weight keyboard, lightest in the world
• 2mm thickness, thinnest keyboard in the world
• ultra-portable, All-in-one solution for any type of users
• made of sturdy durable aluminum material
• Bluetooth 3.0
• long lasting usage of 40hrs
• standby time: 160 hours
• charging time: 1 hour only
• water-proof and dust-proof

We have yet to try one out, but from the looks of their slick video, it might not be long before that's taken care of. The product retails for right around $50. If you’re as intrigued as we are, pay a visit to the iPhone5mod web store.