Humble Bundle teams up with Mozilla to offer eight, DRM-free titles for PC with the option for players to pay whatever they want for them.

The Humble Mozilla Bundle: Powered by asm.js has gone live. You can pay as you'd like for Super Hexagon, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, Osmos, Zen Bound 2 and Dustforce DX. Pay more than the average paid price (currently $5.27), and you also get Voxatron and FTL: Faster Than Light. If you pay $8 or more, you get all the previously mentioned games as well as Democracy 3. Each of these games can run on Firefox, Chrome and most other WebGL-compliant browsers for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you need to save, just do so on the cloud service, which you can access across multiple devices and platforms.

As always with Humble, there are no installers, no third-party game managers and no OS restrictions -- you just load and play. You can try out a demo of each game at the Humble Bundle website, and if you do decide to pay for any of these games, you can customize your payment to be divided between Code Now, Mozilla, the games' developers and the Maker Education charity however you see fit -- if you want all of your payment to go to charity or to the developers, you can choose to do so.

This Humble Bundle will be available until Oct. 28.