The blend of platforming, music and custodial martial arts known as Dustforce is now cleaning up the Xbox 360's act.

A post on the Capcom-Unity blog reveals that Dustforce is now available for the Xbox 360. Interested parties can try their hand at sweeping up the city in style for the price of $9.99.

As a primer for newcomers, the Capcom-Unity team created this video that provides all the finer points of Dustforce, which was developed by the development duo, Hitbox Team. You'll jump, slide and slash your way through levels, defeating little dirt devils and cleaning up the general filth on the walls and floors of different structures.

The game is described as having "Capcom DNA," which is comprised of the running and jumping from Mega Man, the sliding and slashing from Strider and the sophisticated timing from Street Fighter. You can see all of these beautiful elements come together in Dustforce, which is now available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and now the Xbox 360.