Sony is starting the new year off with a bunch of savings, this time targeted towards owners of the PlayStation Vita with the PS Vita PLAY program.

If you've got a Vita and are a member of PlayStation Plus, then you should be racing towards the PlayStation Store now to pick up the first game in the program, OlliOlli. Each week, until Feb. 17, 2014, a new Vita game will debut in the PlayStation Store, available for 20% for PlayStation Plus members. As an added bonus, you'll get money back the more games you buy.

If you buy any 2 of the games that are released during the next few weeks under the PS Vita PLAY 2014 program, you'll get $3. If you buy any 3, you'll get $6. And if you purchase all 4 games, then you'll be getting $10 back. Getting paid to play (kinda), should be a pretty sweet incentive for your Vita fans.

The following titles will be released on the following dates:

  • OlliOlli (1/21)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (1/28)
  • Dustforce (2/4)
  • TxK (2/11)
Check out the PlayStation Blog to see some messages from the creators of these games and hear what they have to say about their titles.