Want to run around and cut dudes down with your mighty weapon? Now you can thanks to God of Blades, a brand new action game hitting the App store tomorrow.

Developer White Whale Games just released a brand new trailer for their cool looking new game. God of Blades is a throwback to the pulp novels of old, while looking to maintain the incredible graphics and gameplay modern gamers are expecting. Here are some of the game's features straight from the developer's website:

* Breathtaking environments and art inspired by pulp novel covers, classic Dungeons and Dragons modules, and 1970s rock.

* Rush headlong into vast armies of barbarous foes.

* Battle to regain your memories and preserve a world on the brink of oblivion. The more you remember, the more blades you can call upon!

* Extensive Campaign mode includes gorgeous cinematics and an epic story in the tradition of fantasy sagas past.

* Addictive, emergent physics-driven combat makes every duel unique—shatter weapons, armor, and send your foes flying.

* Pit your swordfighting prowess against the Voidchosen—procedurally generated master warriors.

* Stellar aural experience, featuring tremendous sound design, and a rousing score reminiscent of 60s/70s fantasy and horror films.

* An array of unlockable weapons, each with a unique look, feel, power, and history— learn their tales and develop your own fighting strategies. Banish your enemies to other dimensions, cover them in flames, slow time to achieve impossible blows, summon storms, cover them in soul-devouring worms and more!

* Unlock select weapons by visiting real world libraries, using our innovative feature, Loreseeker.

* Eternal mode offers white-knuckle survival gameplay- how long can you last the void-crazed horde?

Sounds cool, right? Check out the new trailer below.

Look for God of Blades in the App Store tomorrow.