Cut the Rope, the enormously popular cute monster game, has taken the iOS gaming world by storm. And it looks like the developers are planning on taking the popular character of Om Nom to an entirely new place -- the Amazon Rainforest.

The future update was just announced on the game's Facebook page, along with the cute picture you see above of Om Nom hanging out with a Toucan. Here's what was posted on their Facebook page:

Remember when we asked you to help Om Nom decide his next vacation? Well, he's going to.... The Amazon Rainforest!

No word on when this update is actually going to happen, but we assume it's going to be pretty soon after this surprise announcement. We'll keep you updated.

Cut the Rope is a favorite among the staff here at Arcade Sushi. It made its way into our 10 Best Physics Games list and if you like love Cut the Rope as much as we do, try these five games that are just like it.

What are you looking forward to seeing in Cut the Rope's next update? Let us know in the comments below.