In a world of sophisticated gaming, where intricate storylines and arresting visuals usually rule the day, a title as seemingly simple as Perfect Kick could get lost in the fray. Plus, since it singles out just one aspect of soccer, who would want to kick their hearts away for any time longer than a couple of minutes? Chillingo is usually adept at turning a simple concept into a creative home run, so does this kick score the ultimate goal?

The concept is simple -- outscore your opponent by having superior kicking and defending abilities. You will take turns attempting to score and defend the soccer ball, and to execute both actions just slide your finger towards its intended destination. Overshooting the target has been my biggest mistake, and keeping the ball as low as possible should at least get it in the net.

Defending is a bit trickier, as it's not as responsive as the kicking mechanic. Too often my player has stood like a statue whenever a ball came his way. Although I did move my fingers upwards, he's failed several times to even get off the ground. Defending is obviously a harder soccer skill set, so giving up a few errant goals is easily forgivable. Whatever you do, just make sure the ball hits the net and you'll be fine.

With each game you win, in-game currency and experience points are earned, and there are a few choice aids you can purchase in the store. Tomatoes and extra shoes are available for purchase before your respected match-ups, and both additions will dramatically increase your chances of scoring. My preference is tomatoes, since getting my adversaries a bit red-faced soothes my beastly urges. Being the victim of a tomato assault, however, isn't too thrilling.

Although you can play offline and do the coaching tutorial as much as you want, Perfect Kick's bread and butter is its online mode. Unlike many titles which will have you wait an inordinate amount of time for a competitor, my countless online matches didn't experience any lag time. Part of successful iOS gaming experience lies in a game's expediency, and finding a match within seconds is a huge reason to download this free to play title.

Chillingo has always been adept at infusing their titles with a ton of achievements and upgrades, and Perfect Kick doesn't stray from that successful dynamic. The ability to change a person's skin color, uniform, and shoes are all available. An email feature, which gives you a few gifts now and then, is also available (that's how i first acquired my tomatoes). So check your email, a few goodies should be available in your inbox.

All these extra game toppings makes Perfect Kick a delectable little cake to eat. By the time you're ready for that inevitable showdown, you're probably already engaged with all the cool stuff you're earning or buying between matches.

Perfect Kick's seamless and uncomplicated online mode should immediately get you hooked. Thankfully, it doesn't exploit its free to play model and ask for your bucks right off the bat. Kicking and protecting a ball isn't rocket science, but who needs to think when you're having so much fun?


Perfect Kick by Chillingo Ltd | Price: Free | Version: 1.0.1 | 47.1 MB | Rating 4+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating