We loved God of Blades when it came out last fall, and the title's dedication to drawing gamers into reading sci-fi pulp novels really won us over. White Whale Games continues with their literacy fever, as they are releasing an eBook titled Hand of the Sable King!

The eBook, which comes out tomorrow, is the first in a trilogy of titles that are connected to the God of Blades universe. Hand of the Sable King, written by Greg Moller, takes a look at the past of the Nameless King, the hero behind the God of Blades title (the female protagonist's moniker is The Whispering Lady).

The story will feature the king when he actually had a name and was part of the Knights of the Bright Hundred. The four warriors engage in an epic war to save civilization and vanquish evil! Also featured in the eBook will be a behind the scenes look at the making of God of Blades.

We're also looking forward to learning the names of the other two eBooks, since a pulp novel is nothing without an eye catching and insanely over the top title.