Tim Baker, Stacy Henning, Shawny Martin, Erica Martin and the other forge smiths at 'Man at Arms' are back to make the finest ginsu set we've ever seen: a bunch of kitchen knives based on Final Fantasy sword designs.

Who needs the Knights of the Round Materia when you can use some of Final Fantasy's greatest weapons to chop up your veggies? The 'Man at Arms' team have joined forces with Super-Fan Builds to shrink down four epic swords from the Final Fantasy series to something more practical in the world of cutlery. Watching this video shows how much work goes into the process of making a replica blade (whether it be small or massive), and makes us appreciate all the work that goes on at a blacksmith shop.

Seeing the mini versions of Cloud's Buster Sword, Auron's Katana, Sephiroth's Masamune and Squall's Gunblade stabbed into the back of an Ultros knife holder is just awesome. We love Ultros and think he's one of the best villains throughout the series, so we're glad to see him get the spotlight, even if he's getting stabbed by some epic knives. It was great to hear that this lucky chocobo fan who won this set is going to have it as a centerpiece for her wedding dinner.

The crew at 'Man at Arms' is known for making authentic, sharp replicas of gaming's most heavy duty blades. Whether its an Assassin's Creed or Legend of Zelda sword, we can't wait to see what 'Man at Arms' pulls out of the forge next.

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