Some folks wonder what it would be like to own their own hidden blade from Assassin's Creed Unity. 'Man At Arms,' the famed YouTube blacksmith, doesn't play by those rules. The 'Man At Arms' team from Baltimore Knife & Sword have made their own blade that is just as dangerous as Arno's.

The video above shows the process of crafting the blade, including the finished product being shown in action. It's a truly involved process, as one would expect forging a weapon to be, and this video walks us through every step of the way. We now wish we could forge weapons of our own too, but we'll never have the know-how as the 'Man at Arms' team does.

We don't know what we'd do with a hidden blade of our own, but we know we'd feel a lot more badass if we had one. We might even try jumping on rooftops and climbing up walls like one of the famed Assassins...and we'd probably break our necks in the process. Perhaps it's best that we leave the parkour and creation of fictional weapons to the professionals and leave our adventurous whims in our own minds...

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