The team from 'Man at Arms' tackles the time-travelling task of making a real, working version of Squall Leonhart's Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII.

We always thought that Squall's weapon from Final Fantasy VIII was a bit ridiculous, especially when you think of how the gun could properly fire without constantly damaging the blade itself. Luckily, Baltimore Knife & Sword was willing to heed the call of RPG enthusiasts wanting to see a legit version of the Gunblade. Baltimore Knife & Sword have made props that have been used in Hollywood blockbuster films, Broadway plays and dozens of Renaissance fairs.

Baltimore Knife & Sword's metalwork has been seen in the likes of 'Thor,' 'The Hunger Games' and 'Hellboy,' so we know they're legit. Just watch as they show us the creative process of making the Gunblade, including all the detailing that has gone into its engravings and hilt -- they even have the blade's keychain. Unfortunately, the original designs of the Gunblade made it impossible to shoot in real life, so while they did add a massive revolver base, it doesn't really fire bullets.