Our favorite hybrid ghost/steel Pokemon is looking razor-sharp in this accurate replica done by one of the most talented smithies in the world.

'Man at Arms' is a series that tells the story of a modern-day, master blacksmith who forges some of the most iconic weapons in fictional history and tests each weapons' sharpness in the funnest ways possible. It's main star, Tony Swatton, is a real life smithy and gem-cutter whose metalwork has been featured in the likes of 'Hellboy,' 'Thor,' 'The Matrix Reloaded' and 'The Hunger Games.' Watch as he creates an accurate replica of Honedge from Pokemon X and Y and starts chopping away at various items showing just how dangerous a Pokemon can be.

Unfortunately, we haven't heard any word as to whether or not Swatton is planning on crafting lethal replicas of Honedge's evolved forms of Doublade or Aegislash. Just make sure you check out his Master Sword and Masamune replicas when you get the chance.

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