Do you know who you call when an ancient race of sentient machines try to wipe out the whole of galactic civilization? If you're smart, you'll call on Commander Shepard!

We start off the week in awesome cosplay with Meaghan, also known as Viverra, dressed up as everyone's favorite Spectre, Commander Shepard! Here she is rocking the official look for the character (since players can customize her in-game appearance), with her full N7 combat armor and pistol. From the lack of scars and eyes that burn with evil intent, we can guess that Viverra's a full-on Paragon and isn't the type of Shepard to punch Khalisah al-Jilani in the face over the course of three games.

The hair is right, the suit is right, and even the attitude is right. The only thing Viverra would need to truly portray Commander Shepard is to have her own Normandy floating outside of this con. The details on the outfit are so crazy-accurate that the heavy pistol even has the TFX brand stamped on it. If only it popped out heat sink cartridges, then we'd be really impressed. But as it stands, this outfit is kick-ass enough and is one of the best examples of Mass Effect cosplay out there, at least when it comes to a human character.

If you'd like to check out more of Viverra's cosplaying and art, check out her deviantART. We're Arcade Sushi, and this is our favorite FemShep cosplay on the internet!

Isidro Urena
Hai Nguyen