The creators of the two original Fallout games, Black Isle Studios, are back and need your help (namely your money), to make their new post-apocalyptic adventure.

According to IGN, the newly-resurrected team is asking for funding in order to create a "proof of concept" for their proposed strategy-RPG, currently called Project V13. Their plea for cash is playing off the supposed apocalypse and is being called the Black Isle Mayan Apocalypse Replacement program. They jokingly claim that each donation will help drive back the impending doom.

On their site, they promise that contributors who fork over $10+ will receive access to their private forum, a copper BIMAR forum badge, and a Certificate of Recognition after 30 days. Those who offer $20+ will get the ability to post on the forum, a silver BIMAR forum badge, and a Certificate of Merit. The Top 20 Contributors who pony up the most money will get posting privileges to the forum, a gold BIMAR forum badge/banner, a Certificate of Valor, and a Hero Board listing.

As GameSpy points out, there's no mention of contributors actually getting a copy of the game if the project ever comes to fruition. GameSpy also goes into detail about why they think possible contributors should tread carefully, so their post warrants a once-over for anyone thinking about donating to receive forum goodies.

Check out the cheese-tastic video they've created in order to entice you to let your cash loose on the project.