War never changes, and most Fallout 4 rumors never do, but this latest development leading into E3 2015 is quite interesting.

PCGames, a German video game site (courtesy of IGN), reports that Bethesda is going to officially unveil Fallout 4 during its main stage presentation at E3 2015. While Fallout 4 rumors have been done to death over the years, for the first time ever, Bethesda announced it is doing its own E3 press conference at the event. Usually, Bethesda's game trailers would appear during one of the big three's presentations (Nintendo, Sony or Xbox). The German website cites having a trustworthy source that it wishes to keep anonymous, but the leak said that Bethesda will also be showing a 30-minute-long gameplay demo behind closed doors at the event after it ends its big presentation with the new Fallout trailer — that certainly makes sense to us.

In Nov. 2014, we reported that the German Patent and Trademark Office registered a game for Bethesda called Fallout: Shadow of Boston. Of course, Bethesda has long squashed this rumor, but we'd still love to quest through an apocalyptic Beantown. We expect that the next few weeks leading into E3 2015 will be filled with leaks and rumors, just as everyone was thinking a new Fallout would appear at last year's event as well. Over a year ago, Bethesda game director Todd Howard said that Fallout 4 was going to take a long while. Nevertheless, we're dying to emerge from a new Vault and pop open a can of Nuka-Cola.

Bethesda is actually one of the first studios to take the main stage at E3 this year, starting its big presentation on June 14 at 4:00 PM EST. We're pretty sure Bethesda wouldn't have signed on for its first E3 press conference if it didn't have something Fallout-related to unveil.

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