“War… War never changes.” That’s how the saying goes. The aftermath of the Great War’s decimating effect on the world in Fallout games continues to be evident in Fallout 4 where players will see Zall sorts of visual clues of the terrible things that folks did before and after the bombs dropped. The motivations, fears, and survival tactics of all things in the wake of nuclear disaster has always been an abundant well of character and environmental quirk in the Fallout universe, some stranger than others.

Wild Wasteland is strangely absent from Fallout 4, although you don’t necessarily need it here. The perk was used in previous games of the series to supply a cavalcade of some of the most bizarre occurrences you could expect to find within the games. Fallout 4 may not have the Wild Wasteland perk explicitly, but that’s because the world is, for the most part, naturally full of oddities. Some of the things players will find pre-date the bombs, supplying some candid and explicit visions of the last moments of those who couldn’t escape. Other points of interest are the odd and often freakish machinations of insane folks living in a world that has forgotten civility. Still others are simply amusing Easter eggs placed for our enjoyment.

Fallout has always been a series that the developers are apt to have fun and get creative with what players will find in the environment. The proof is in the images we have gathered here for your enjoyment. These are the 35 weirdest things you’ll come across in Fallout 4.

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