A recent trademark registration suggests that wah, wah never changes.


Bethesda's official Twitter has dismissed this trademark filing as a hoax.

Original Story:

VG247 reports that the German Patent and Trademark Office just had a trademark registration filed by Bethesda for something called Fallout: Shadow of Boston. The listing, mentioned that Fallout: Shadow of Boston would have have game discs, "downloadable computer game programs" and "TV shows." This suggests that there could be some sort of tie-in TV show, or that the televisions in Boston will still work after the nuclear apocalypse and we'll get to see all sorts of 1950s, Americana-themed programming that was filmed before the nukes dropped.

Just think of the possibilities of what Bethesda could do with a current-gen Fallout game set in Boston. It has been rumored for quite some time that the next Fallout entry would hit the northeast, but Bethesda has been extremely quiet about such prospects. We can't wait to go vault-exploring throughout the Boston area if this turns out to be the next major Fallout title.